Former Courthouse Castleconnell.jpg
86 B-House

The renovation, refurbishment and careful conservation of a former courthouse to provide a dwelling space.

Existing space : 72 sq.m.
New mezzanine : 28 sq.m.

Project duration : 2009 - present Hartstonge St_.jpg
87 17 Hartstonge St.

The careful conservation of the protected structure while providing a new extension to provide additional living accommodation to the existing bedsit units within the building.

Existing building : 200 sq.m.
Addition : 56 sq.m.

Project duration 2009 - present Inverness Mews.jpg
88 Inverness Mews

The renovation of tow mews building in the conservation area of Bayswater to provide tailored office space for an entrepreneurial practice.

Building area : 320 sq.m.

Project duration : 2009 - 2010 Old Pallas.jpg
89 Old Pallas

The extension of a single storey dwelling in rural Limerick to solve orientation issues.

Existing dwelling : 103 sq.m.
Addition : 14 sq.m.

Project duration : 2009 - 2010 S-House.jpg
90 S-House

An extension to an existing two storey cottage in the Drombanna area to provide additional living and sleeping accommodation.

Existing cottage : 50 sq.m.
New addition : 70 sq.m.

Project duration : 2009 - 2010 Transition.jpg
91 Transition

A competition entry to Europan 10 for a residential proposal for a city area with great potential adjoining a submarine hangar and dock area.

Europan 10 Competition Entry 2009 4 X 2 Exhibition.jpg
92 '4 x 2'

An exhibition featuring the work of O’Connor + Shanahan architects and Donoghue Corbett architects as part of the Creative Limerick initiative.

Exhibition November 2009 - February 2010 Mary St_.jpg
93 Mary St. Development

A proposed commercial development on Mary St. in Limerick's medieval quarter with potential to serve as Law Chambers.

Feasibility 2009 Fox s Bow.jpg
95 Fox's Bow

An commercial development of two floors of offices over a retail unit on Fox's Bow adjoining William St. in Limerick.

Building area : 108 sq.m.
PP Received : Summer 2010

Project duration 2009 - 2010 Space for Learning.jpg
100 A Space for Learning

An initiative by the Irish Architecture Foundation to promote architecture in schools involved working with a transition year class to design a space for learning.

Competition & Tutoring Process 2010 Twisted.jpg
101 Twisted

A two storey extension to and remodelling of an existing semi-detached dwelling in a 1960’s prototype flat roof housing estate.

Existing dwelling : 137 sq.m.
New addition : 60 sq.m.

Project duration : 2010 - 2012 Bursary 2010.jpg
102 Architecture Bursary Award

A bursary grant from the Arts Council to undertake a research project on the ‘Recycling of Spaces and Structures’.

Award Received Autumn 2010