CK House

A new two storey single family dwelling is placed on a greenfield site to the rear of an existing dwelling on the edge of the village of Castleconnell.

The design has been generated by a number of different elements particular to the site including orientation, privacy for the existing dwellings adjoining the site and the dwelling itself, the narrow girth of the site and its dominant geometries.

As you approach the house a single storey element containing the more public rooms angles away from you and invites you toward the entrance which is through a small sheltered area created by a privacy wall to the North.

The majority of the accommodation is contained in a two storey block with the kitchen dining living areas beneath the family bedrooms. This two storey block takes up the geometry of the side boundaries and allows for a car to pass to the car port at the rear of the dwelling.

The dining area leads to a small terraced area which is sheltered in the undercroft of the two storey block overhead and created through marrying the two overriding geometries in the building.

The scale and impact of the dwelling has been reduced as much as possible through using a narrow block plan, flat roofs to the annexes and a simple pitched roof to the main two storey block.

'Commended' in the Best House Category at the Irish Architecture Awards 2015 (432).jpg Model (1).jpg Model (1).jpg