This project provided an extension to an existing 19th century cottage to meet the needs of a growing family.

After extensive discussions with the client it was decided to place all the sleeping accommodation in the new extension and to use the existing dwelling as the living section of the dwelling. The existing cottage houses the kitchen in its present location, with the living room becoming a playroom. The partitions to the vacated bedrooms on First Floor were removed to provide one large living space.

A “knuckle” of circulation is created between the new and the old to resolve the geometry of the site with respect to topography and orientation.

This knuckle section forms a glazed link to the new accommodation block. The sleeping block is clad in iroko with a vaulted roof to complement the existing in scale and incongruously sit within its rural setting.

Project duration : 2004 - 2006
View from laneway entrance copy.jpg
Site Plan
View from road way
View from adjoining field